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Patrick Page’s Double Mirage


Patrick Page’s Double Mirage

This is one of a number of different Patrick Page versions of Double Mirage which itself is a variation of the Patrick Page One in the Middle effect which dates back to the mid 1950’s – more than 60 years ago!

Easy to perform. Ideal for novices and experienced magicians alike.

Despite its age, it is still a wonderful effect and one that audiences are not familiar with.

In the original One in the Middle effect which was a Three Card Monte, the queen vanished and reappeared in the performer’s pocket. In this version, the face of a 4th card is shown and place aside, face down. This card, eventually, is revealed to have changed to the vanished queen.

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The Kitson Miracle – Three Card Monte – Find The Lady


Patrick Page Masterclass DVD – The Kitson Miracle
Patrick Page – Magic Gold Series No. 3
This is the 3rd in a newly released series of Patrick Page – Magic Gold DVDs.

The DVD includes the gaffed cards that you need to be able to perform the trick.

The Kitson Miracle is the Patrick Page version of the traditional “Find A Lady” or “Dutch Louper” trick.