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Patrick Page Magic is run by Patrick Page’s daughter Janette Page and her husband Philip.

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The late Patrick Page was recognised the world over as one of magic’s greatest teachers. His knowledge, experience and willingness to share what he knew made him a cherished and much missed figure on the magic scene. It seems hard to believe that he died over 13 years ago (February 2010). On 17th March 2023 it would have been his 94th Birthday. He was born on St Patrick’s Day 17th March 1929- hence his name Patrick.

He was a very modest man and many were not (and are not) aware of the immense contribution that he made to the world of magic. Over more than 50 years in the entertainment business, he worked on shows, films and television programmes across the world, and was consultant to many magicians. There will be few magicians who are not performing at least one trick invented by Patrick Page, or using at least one of his moves.

Many know Patrick Page because of his generosity of spirit in sharing magic with magicians all over the world – through audio tapes explaining how to perform magic effects, later videos and DVDs, his many books that have inspired countless magicians (including his last ever book Magic Page by Page which is exclusively sold by Patrick Page Magic on this website), and of course his lectures to magicians throughout the world, and the time that he always seemed to find to share his knowledge with others.

Patrick believed in making sure that knowledge of magic was not lost and was passed from generation to generation. So much of his work has been preserved for posterity, and through Patrick Page Magic we continue his work and make it available at sensible prices.

One project that Patrick worked on was interviews with his friends from the world of magic back in the 1970’s. Patrick knew that some of his friends were getting on and their knowledge and secrets would be lost for ever if someone did not preserve them. That someone was Patrick. He recorded interviews with some of the greats of magic (and some not so well known but no less interesting people from the world of magic).

Patrick was a great interviewer and knew the questions to ask. He also dared to ask them. Some of the interviews were released by Patrick but most were not. He always intended to get around to releasing them but somehow it never happened. We have spent a lot of time since his death 11 years ago cleansing the original reel to reel tape recordings of the interviews and removing extraneous noise and digitalising them to create MP3 files. We have also added other magic recordings that we thought might be of interest to the magic community, a video recording of Patrick performing his clown act and an interview with Patrick’s son and daughter Jeremy and Janette talking about growing up on “Planet Page” and with their dad. This work which we are calling “The Patrick Page Audio Archive” is available for immediate download (audio MP3 files only) for an INTRODUCTORY price of only £50 from

More information on the content of The Patrick Page Audio Archive is on website. The archive is proving to be very popular and everyone who has listened to it has been very positive about the material.

For more information contact Patrick’s daughter Janette at

We are always trying to add new Patrick Page material. Well, it is not new of course but it is material that many are not familiar with.

Patrick finished the book Magic Page by Page a week before he died. Sadly he did not live long enough to see how successful the book would be and how it would help so many magicians, rich and famous, poor and unknown alike. The first edition in hard back sold out very quickly and was replaced by a second edition in soft back. It is the same paper quality and we have added a few extra photos but it is the same book, except with a soft cover to make it lighter and cheaper to send. We have almost run of that second edition so make sure that you get one while you still can. The book contains details of Patrick’s inventions and routines and contains more than enough for you to create your own magic act and earn a living from magic – as of course Patrick did using these effects and routines.

We were reading a part of Patrick’s “The Pageboy Speaks Again” book recently (a compilation of articles that he wrote in Pabular Magazine) and came across these words:

“First impressions count. Getting off on the right footing is important. You are the central character in your performance. You must take the lead from the word go.

Do not push your magic at all and sundry. This merely cheapens it. Not everyone wants to watch you.

Only work if you are sure of your audience. Avoid becoming a bore.

Finish while their interest is at its peak. Do not overtax their ability or willingness to concentrate. Always leave them wanting more”

Patrick Page.

Very wise words!!!

The Pageboy Speaks Again book is available exclusively from Patrick Page Magic.

Patrick Page worked with Simon Drake on UK Channel 4’s ground breaking Secret Cabaret, with Wayne Dobson on UK ITV’s A Kind of Magic, and was a source of inspiration to magicians across the world. He was a consultant to magicians, and a consultant to magicians’ consultants!

Some of his later work included a cameo performance as a German magician doing a cigarette swallowing routine in the film “The Magicians”, and providing advice to Derren Brown for his Enigma show.

Many household names from the world of magic would pick up the phone and talk to Patrick Page when they were looking for ideas. He was always keen to share his knowledge.

He wrote many books, produced many teaching videos and DVDs and toured the world lecturing magicians sharing his knowledge with others. Magic Page by Page was his last book and one that he managed to finish just before he died in February 2010.

Magic Page by Page will be part of Patrick Page’s legacy to the world of magic.

Patrick was particularly helpful to beginners. He coached Colin Rose to win the Magic Circle’s Young Magician of the Year award and his lifelong friendship with Wayne Dobson started when he provided advice to him whilst working behind the counter of Davenports opposite the British Museum in London.

At Patrick Page Magic we are keen to continue Patrick’s work in helping young magicians, beginners and enthusiasts, and are making available effects that Patrick invented at affordable prices. Most effects include a short DVD of Patrick Page himself explaining how to perform the effect.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Sadly it is more than 11 years ago that Patrick died. Patrick Page was a permanent feature at the annual Blackpool Magic Convention held in February. He loved to be at the Blackpool Magic Convention. It is hard to believe that with Patrick Page Magic we were at the 10th convention that he will have missed. His memory lives on and we at Patrick Page Magic have been uncovering and making available effects that many are not even aware that he devised. Some are more than 60 years old, but not for that are they any less impressive. We are making them available at modest prices.

Keep looking at our website as we are now constantly updating the list of products available.

We are keen to keep the memory of Patrick Page alive and ensure that his contribution to the world of magic is appreciated both by old and new magicians. Janette and Philip have given a presentation on Patrick Page at magic clubs up and down the country in the UK and were preparing to visit the USA to talk at magic clubs there. The presentation is a unique opportunity to learn how Patrick first got interested in magic, what is was like for Janette to grow up in a magic household and learn about Patrick’s involvement in the best selling magic books , The Big Book of Magic and Magic Page by Page. It is also an opportunity to see private images of Patrick and some videos of him performing. No charge is made for the presentation. Janette and Philip are based in South London and where an overnight stay is necessary we ask you to provide accommodation. We have now given talks at more than 30 clubs in the UK. We recently did presentations for the Zodiac Magic Club in Ealing and at the Northern Magic Convention in Harrogate. If you are interested in Janette and Philip making a presentation to your magic club, please send an email to Janette at

Patrick’s son in law, Philip is fluent in Spanish and French and would be delighted to provide a zoom presentation in Spanish or French to your magic club if that is of interest to you. Or we could do a zoom presentation to your club outside the UK.

We try not to bore you and leave you hopefully wanting more