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Patrick Page’s A Handful of Magic


Patrick Page’s A Handful of Magic

Easy to perform. Ideal for novices and experienced magicians alike.

It uses special playing cards – with the name of items on them.

You spread out the cards and the person for whom you are performing the effect selects one of them. You do not see the playing card selected. The person looks at the card, puts it back in the pack of playing cards and shuffles them. You put the cards in our jacket pocket and then are going to produce the card that the person chose.

Well, that is what the person for whom you are performing the effect believes. In actual fact after putting the cards in your jacket pocket, you reach in and pull out the item that was on the playing card chosen. The item could be a Nut, Eraser, Coin, Knife, Stamp, Lighter, Aspirin or Pencil.

We provide you with the special playing cards required to perform the effect and full written instructions. You provide small versions of the items listed above.

The surprise wow effect is huge when you produce the object rather than the card.

This is an effect that you can perform again and again with success. It is a card trick with a difference. And very easy to perform