The Big Book of Magic by Patrick Page


Patrick Page’s The Big Book of Magic. The ideal book both for the professional magician AND the beginner.

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This book is now out of print. The book that we are selling is a good to excellent condition second hand hard back version of the book. The book was written by Patrick Page and published in 1976. It was described as a book for every amateur and professional conjuror. It instantly became a best selling book and one that many now famous and successful magicians acquired as their first book of magic.


304 pages of how to perform magic – a book intended only for people interested in magic. Learn how saw a woman in half. Learn how to perform tricks with balls, cards, coins, handkerchiefs, liquids, livestock, paper, pockets, rings, rope and thimbles.


If you are interested in magic then this book is for you. With the passage of time it is appreciated just how good this book was and is.


Available direct from the family of the author, Patrick Page, the book is available for worldwide sale. Cost of the product £30 inclusive of second class postage to the UK. For the UK ONLY at this price. For outside the UK please send an email to Janette Page at for  price details.

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