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The late Patrick Page was recognised the world over as one of magic’s greatest teachers. His knowledge, experience and willingness to share what he knew made him a cherished and much missed figure on the magic scene.

He was a very modest man and many were not (and are not) aware of the immense contribution that he made to the world of magic. Over more than 50 years in the entertainment business, he worked on shows, films and television programmes across the world, and was consultant to many magicians. There will be few magicians who are not performing at least one trick invented by Patrick Page, or using at least one of his moves.

Patrick Page worked with Simon Drake on UK Channel 4’s ground breaking Secret Cabaret and with Wayne Dobson on UK ITV’s A Kind of Magic and was a source of inspiration to magicians across the world. Some of his later work included a cameo performance as a German magician doing a cigarette swallowing routine in the film “The Magicians” and providing advice to Derren Brown for his Enigma show.

Many household names from the world of magic would pick up the phone and talk to Patrick Page when they were looking for ideas. He was always keen to share his knowledge.

He wrote many books, produced many teaching videos and DVDs and toured the world lecturing magicians sharing his knowledge with others. Magic Page by Page was his last book and one that he managed to finish just before he died in February 2010.

Magic Page by Page will be part of Patrick Page’s legacy to the world of magic.

Patrick was particularly helpful to beginners. He coached Colin Rose to win the Magic Circle’s Young Magician of the Year award and his lifelong friendship with Wayne Dobson started when he provided advice to him whilst working behind the counter of Davenports opposite the British Museum in London.

At Patrick Page Magic we are keen to continue Patrick’s work in helping young magicians, beginners and enthusiasts, and are making available effects that Patrick invented at affordable prices. Most effects include a short DVD of Patrick Page himself explaining how to perform the effect.

Sadly it is almost 6 years ago that Patrick died. Patrick Page was a permanent feature at the annual Blackpool Magic Convention held in February. He loved to be at the Blackpool Magic Convention. It is hard to believe that it was recently the 6th convention that he will have missed. His memory lives on and we at Patrick Page Magic have been uncovering and making available effects that many are not even aware that he devised. Some are more than 60 years old but not for that are they any less impressive. We are making them available at modest prices.

Keep looking at our website as we are now constantly updating the list of products available.

We have just added two new effects:

A Handful of Magic and

Double Mirage.

Also we have just launched The Patrick Page Audio Archive – an MP3 download collection of recordings of interviews that Patrick conducted with some of the “Greats” of magic in the 1970’s, as well as lectures, conversations about magic and other magic material.

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