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The Kitson Miracle – Three Card Monte – Find The Lady


Patrick Page Masterclass DVD – The Kitson Miracle
Patrick Page – Magic Gold Series No. 3
This is the 3rd in a newly released series of Patrick Page – Magic Gold DVDs.

The DVD includes the gaffed cards that you need to be able to perform the trick.

The Kitson Miracle is the Patrick Page version of the traditional “Find A Lady” or “Dutch Louper” trick.

Topit Vanisher


Topit is the rather unusual name given to one of the most versatile props ever devised to assist the performance of magic effects.

It is a large pocket which is fastened to the inside of your jacket.

Learn how to use this prop and you will be able to make everyday items vanish and reappear before the very eyes of spectators. There is something very powerful about making an item that a spectator has touched and used, disappear in front of them.

This comes with a free DVD excerpt showing you how to use the topit. We sell an extra DVD with more footage and information on how to perform this effect separately.