Patrick Page’s Princesp Trick


A variation on a card trick but with ESP cards.

Patrick Pages Princesp Trick – blow the mind of your audience as a spectator chooses an ESP card and shuffles the pack, and you manage to find it again for them.

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This the wonderful Princesp Trick that Patrick Page devised as a way of using ESP cards in a trick. The original intention was for the trick to use marked cards but Patrick devised a way that was just as easy and without the need to use marked cards.

The trick comes with two sets of ESP cards and full instructions on how to perform the trick.

It is a very easy trick to perform that requires virtually no skill.

See spectators amazement as you use your amazing powers to find the ESP card that they have chosen and put pack in a pack and shuffled.

Very easy to perform with a very strong effect.

The trick is £12 (approx US $16) and includes two sets of ESP cards, full instructions on how to perform it and worldwide shipping.

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