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This is the 8th DVD in the Patrick Page Masterclass series


Coins Through Table Effect – No Lapping


The DVD includes uncut vintage studio recording from the early 1980’s and material previously released on Trik A Tape.


This is Patrick Page’s version of the Han Ping Chien Coins Through Table effect.


The effect is that four identical coins apparently pass through the table top, one at a time from one hand to the other.


Unlike other versions of the effect which require special coins, or can only be performed sitting down, this uses ordinary coins and can be performed standing up.


As a result you can perform this trick any time and any where, and the effect is so much more powerful when you use someone else’s coins.


This trick is perfect for parties and for table hopping as there is no set up. You can even make the coins go through a tray from a bar or pub held by the spectator


In this DVD, Patrick Page performs his version of the Coins Through Table Effect and then shows you step by step how to perform the effect yourself.


Patrick also tells you a little of the history of the effect. He describes other presentations, including those by Al Koran, Han Ping Chien, Tony Slydini, Albert Goshman, Al Baker and Bob Read.


Coins Through Table is a classic magic effect which is guaranteed to wow the audience.


Patrick Page performed his version of the effect regularly over more than 40 years in his close up act.


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The DVD also includes a clip of Patrick Page performing the Coins Through Table Effect in 2007 at the FFFF Magic Convention in Betavia. He does a slow version of the effect and then a fast version.

We are grateful to Obie O’Brien for allowing us to include this footage. The FFFF Convention was one of Patrick’s favourite magic conventions. He loved to attend it and meet up with his friends.