The Ten Second Paper Tear Effect by Patrick Page


Patrick Page’s Ten Second Paper Tear Effect. DVD setting out to perform this simple and very powerful effect. Just 10 seconds to prepare the trick. No glue, metal strips or elastic bands. Just two identical newspapers are required. Patrick gives you a master class in how to perform this effect.

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This is the 7th magic tuition DVD in the Patrick Page Masterclass Gold Series and one that we have been repeatedly asked to supply. Well, it has taken a long time but we finally have it available.

The Ten Second Paper Tear. This is Patrick Page’s version of the Torn and Restored Newspaper Effect

The DVD includes uncut vintage studio recording from the early 1980’s and some material previously released on Trik A Tape

The Ten Second Paper Tear


In this recording Patrick Page teaches you his famous “Ten Second Paper Tear Effect”


By the way it is called the Ten Second Paper Tear Effect because it takes ten seconds to prepare – not to perform.


This is Patrick Page’s version of the classic Torn and Restored Newspaper effect. It is easy to prepare and simple to perform.


When he first starting performing the trick all that was required was the purchase of two identical newspapers. Now with the advent of free newspapers you do not even need to make a purchase. Pick up a couple of free newspapers on your way to your performance at the train or underground station.


No glue, clips or metal strips are required to perform this effect. You just need two identical newspapers.


Patrick was one of the world’s greatest magic teachers. He performs his routine for you and then shows you step by step how to perform it yourself.


He talks about who he first saw perform the routine and the torn and restored newspaper effect generally. He then tells you a little of its history and he describes many different presentations including those by Cortini, Howard de Courcy, Keith Clark, Jerry Bergman, David Berglas, Robert Harbin, Ali Bongo, John Calvert and Tommy Windsor. Patrick also gives you ideas on how to make the effect different.


In his book Magic Page by Page (available exclusively from Patrick Page Magic) Patrick says of the Ten Second Paper Tear “… can take it from me, it is an effect worth doing, and given a little practice, I can guarantee it is one that you will perform at nearly every show”.


This is classic magic – made simple.


All you need is this DVD to show you clearly how to perform the effect and the props (duplicate newspapers are free).

Using a newspaper of the day of the performance adds to the wow factor.


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